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Find motorcycle rides and routes in a new way

Motocaching is a new web site for finding and sharing motorcycle rides, routes and places to visit.

From bikers to bikers - free of charge.

Already 3,573 routes and points of interest with 24,405 visit logs and comments providing up to date information.

Motorcycle rides on the map


Using the free Motocaching service, you can find interesting places to visit with your motorcycle as well as great motorcycle roads and nice coffee shops.

In Motocaching you can mark your visited places as found, share experiences, and read up to date information about things like road conditions.

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Rides and routes

While we do talk about caches, we don't actually hide anything. We just ride motorcycles to see new places and new routes.

Check out the map and see what kind of places other bikers recommend.

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Motocaching news

02/01/2017 Locking has been replaced by new functionality : Adoption. It means transferring the cache to another user for maintenance...

20/08/2016 10000 'Found it!' logs. The number of motocaching users as well as caches has been growing steadily. Threfore we get more and more 'Found it!' logs every day...

26/02/2016 Changes in the rules. Now entrace fees are allowed in some cases but of course the visits should be free of charge when possible...

02/11/2015 Why is it so important to keep route caches short and simple? Make it easier to both find and create caches...

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Some of the features


Main map view

The main map shows quickly all routes, places, coffee-shops. You can also see which ones you have already visited.

Use filters to see only those that you like. For example only asphalt and no long walks.


Details page

Each route and location has a details page. It shows a description, exact location on a map, log entries from users, links etc.

Road class helps you to find the right kind of roads.

  1. Asphalt all the way (most of motocaches)
  2. Mainly paved road (for example parking area is gravel)
  3. Gravel road
  4. Not for street bikes

You can choose whether you want to walk or not.

  1. Drive in. No need to get off your bike.
  2. You need to park your bike, but it's a short walk to the destination.
  3. Longer walk or some climbing (see details in cache description).

Map marker pop-up

Open up a pop-up to see the most relevant information. For example the type of road, required walking, rating etc.

Calculated routes with addresses

View the route details on street map (Google Street View is also available). There's also a list of addresses to help you to find your way.

List views

Recently published, top finders, most popular places, top cache makers, most recent logs and other.

Log entries on your caches

Read what other users write after they have visited a place that you introduced.

Private messages

Private messaging with e-mail notifications. For example get more information about some place or ask someone to join you for a ride.


Meetings and group rides. See all events

Review system

A community review system to help new cache makers and to ensure good quality.

Maintenance request

If something is no more up to date, users can make a "Needs maintenance" log entry. The cache creator will get an email notification and everyone else will also see that there is something that is not as it should be.

Route editor

Simple route editor to define your routes, waypoints and street addresses (for places that have an address).