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Motocaching in South California

Motocaching takes sharing routes and ride destinations to a whole new level.

We don't actually hide any objects – the ride itself and the destination are the cache.

Motocaching started in Europe and now it's taking off in California too.

Free Cache descriptions and maps are available without registering.

Register for free to get full access to all features.

Give it a try

  1. Click this link to the Motocache map and check out the caches in SoCal (opens a new tab).

  2. Choose your destination(s), start your engine and add a 'Found it!' log when you come back home.

  3. Tell your friends and get more caches to ride to. You'll be surprised to see that other riders will add great spots that you have never heard of and some of those will be just a short ride from your home!

If you want to discuss with other motocachers in the area, Socalsportbikes.org motocaching thread is a good place to do that (the developer follows that thread too).

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