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Planned functionality (coming soon): Completed and up to date translations

Motocaching has some features that should help in keeping the texts well maintained and avoid avoiding unfinished translations as well as prevent misuse of the translation system.

  • New translations can be added after the previous ones are published (or in review).
  • If the original cache text is changed, the translations will be marked as 'waiting for update'. The translations that are waiting for update are not shown to other users before re-publishing. The owner of the translation will get a private notification message. The translations that need updating and re-publishing, can be seen on 'Your own translations' page.
  • Translations that are not published will be removed automatically in 30 days from the last status change. For example incomplete translations will be automatically deleted after 30 days from creation. Also translations that are archived or marked 'waiting for update' are removed after 30 days. Thus unfinished or archived translations will not block other users from adding the translation.
  • Users can delete translations only when 15 days has passed since the last translation delete operation (by user or automatic). The purpose of this is to support publishing instead of deleting. This also makes it slow to misuse the translation system to read the answers to the questions (can't easily start a new translation if the old ones can't be removed).