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Coffee, food and brass bells

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A roadhouse with a huge collection of bells. Church bells and others.

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Address : Vaskikellontie 420, Pyhäjärvi, Finland     Google maps

The name of the place is Vaskikello (a bell made of brass).

In 1973, the owners bought a brass bell as a symbol for the new restaurant and cafe. They planned to get only one bell but for some reason they got more... and more. Now the collection is unique in the whole world.

The center bell in the upper row in the picture is the biggest bell in Finland. It weighs more than eight metric tons. The big bells are outside, but the interior of the house is also full of bells.

You can also ring the bells outside. Freely translated from the Vaskikello website: "They all have their own sound - try them. Please be considerate, ring reasonably quietly - pianissimo."

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In the picture there's an arrow pointing at a text in the bell. The text is in German language. What is the last word in the sentence?

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  • klingen
  • uns
  • kirche
  • oben

Published :  18/07/2014 (d/m/y) 00:35

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