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Motorcycle ride details

Big Buddha

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45 meters high marble Buddha on top of a 400 meter hill

A cache by : paebar  (Translation : pleksi)

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Address : Yot Sane 1 Alley undefined, Karon, Thailand     Google maps

Big Buddha is perhaps the most significant tourist attraction on the island of Phuket.


The best way to get there is to rent a scooter. Normal scooters here are 110 cc and cost about 150-250 bath per day.

Note that Thailand is one of the most dangerous places in the world for motorists. If you are not absolutely sure about the left side traffic, take a taxi.

Going up on the road is easy - twist your wrist and go!

Be careful when riding downhill. The road is quite steep and twisty at some places. A while ago a Finnish tourist died on the road trying to ride downhill in the dark. There are no streetlights, so ride in the daylight.

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Walk to the statue and enjoy the view!

Published :  13/10/2014 (d/m/y) 20:43

Please note that it is possible that the information on this page is not accurate or not up to date. Rules or regulations that are not mentioned here may apply when visiting the place or the conditions on the location may have changed.

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