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Home of few famous finnish architects - museum, cafeteria and restaurant

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Address : Hvitträskintie 166, Kirkkonummi, Finland     Google maps

Famous finnish architects Eliel Saarinen, Herman Geselius and Armas Lindgren decided to construct their homes and shared architectoffice together. Buildings were erected during years 1901-1903 at the shore of the lake Vitträsk. Currently home of Saarinen acts as museum (entrance fee needed) and "Lilla Villan" (home of Geselius) as cafeteria and restaurant. There's also nice english styled park where you can wander and wonder without any payment. If you have enough energy you can also visit the shore, but there are long climb to get back. Near Hvitträsk are also some old rock paintings, but they are quite hard to see from the shore.

Restaurants own homepage: http://www.ravintolahvittrask.fi/eng/

More about rock paintings in Finland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_rock_art and http://www.ismoluukkonen.net/kalliotaide/suomi/

More info about Hvitträsk (including opening times and entrance fees to museum) (Open in a new window.)

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Published :  16/06/2014 (d/m/y) 03:57

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