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Temple of Lemminkäinen

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Excavation work of a sediment-filled cave
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Address : Vainuddintie 190, Sipoo, Finland     Google maps

Ior Bock and his supporters began to finance excavation of a sediment-filled cave that is situated under the hill 'Sibbosberg', situated north of Gumbostrand in Sipoo, 30 km east of Helsinki – at the estate Bock had inherited from his parents. The cave was supposed to lead to a furnished temple-chamber inside the Sibbosberg, known as the Temple of Lemminkäinen. Inside of the temple chamber, a spiraling hallway is described, with small hall-rooms that were created to hold the collected treasures from each generation from the heathen culture of ancient Finland. The time of ongoing storage is counted in millennia, accumulating a large treasure chamber. The last storage was done in 987 when the entrance-hall was filled and the entrance-door closed and hidden, as foreign warlords would enter the Baltic area and - by the year 1050 - reaching and conquering the major cities of southern Finland.
A number of digs in the cave were made on various occasions during 1987–1998.[6] After two summers of excavations an entrance into the mountain was actually revealed. The following years a hallway of granit-walls, floor and ceiling filled with clay-mixed sand and gravel was excavated, about 50 meters beyond the entrance.
The statement made by the family-saga of the subterranean hallway was actually proven to exist. Moreover the excavated area has also proven to be by far the largest cave ever found in Finland.[citation needed] The rest of the hallway is also filled with a hardened mass of sediments, such as clay, sand, silt and rapakivi; inside, there are straight walls with a ceiling and a floor consisting of bedrock (granite). The surfaces seems to have been made by natural processes, perhaps with the modification of ancient humans.
Due to the enigmatic statements of the family-saga, The National Board of Antiquities in Finland retracted from involving themselves with the hallway inside the Sibbo Mountain as an archaeological site. The participation of professional archaeologists in the Sibbosberg excavations has been restricted into a couple of official visits, during which nothing archaeologically significant was observed. In a recent archaeological survey, the Sibbosberg cave was defined as a natural formation of geological interest. According to the surveying archaeologist, the only man-made feature there is a recent rock carving.
In 1990, the police arrested Bock and 33 other participants in the dig on suspicion of the use and distribution of indian hemp. When the court sentenced three of Bock's foreign companions the results were a public scandal and the withdrawal of the sponsor of the excavation, the major construction and roadworks company Lemminkäinen Group.
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