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Uffington White Horse

The oldest hill figure in Britain
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Address : Dragon Hill Road, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom     Google maps

The internationally-renowned Bronze-Age Uffington White Horse is thought to be the oldest hill figure in Britain.

The image is a stylised representation of a horse (some would say dragon) some 374 feet in length, and is thought to date back as far as 1000BC in the late Bronze Age. Similar images have been found depicted on coins from that period, and it is thought that the figure represents a horse goddess connected with the local Belgae tribe. The goddess is generally believed to be one form of Epona, worshiped throughout the Celtic world.

There's a half mile walk from the parking space to the horse figure. Check out this satellite view. The parking space is on the left.

In addition to White Horse, there are other interesting places worth visiting nearby such as Dragon Hill, Uffington Castle and The Manger.

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Walk to the horse figure or optionally just ride along the narrow road that runs nearby and enjoy the view instead.

Published :  03/04/2015 (d/m/y) 07:49

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