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A cache by : LoneWolf

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Address : Fyrvej 38, Skagen, Denmark     Google maps

Grenen is a sandbar between the strait of Skagerrak and the Kattegat sea. The area contains old bunkers from WW2 era and there's usually plenty of cargo ships and tankers visible.

The sandbar is about a kilometer away from the parking lot, but there's the option of using the Sandormen (a trailer pulled by a tractor) for those who don't fancy the hike.

The nearby Skagen Bunker Museum is also worth visiting.

Condition for logging the find

Visit the sandbar and comment how many ships you saw.

Published :  02/05/2015 (d/m/y) 14:58

Please note that it is possible that the information on this page is not accurate or not up to date. Rules or regulations that are not mentioned here may apply when visiting the place or the conditions on the location may have changed.

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