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Ride to the top of an arctic hill

A cache by : pleksi

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Address : Kaunispääntie, Inari, Finland     Google maps

Kaunispään huippu ("Summit of Kaunispää") is 437 meters above the sea-level. The spectacular views of almost hundred arctic hills are waiting for you. On a bright day it's possible to see even some Russian summits.

As a bonus you'll most probably get a mosquito free moment :-)

The "Huippu" restaurant serves good food with reasonable prices (check out the menu from the link). If you like reindeer I would recommend the tasty reindeer soup.

During my last visit I had a primus stove with me and we had some midnight coffee on the north slope of the hill. That's when I took the picture (at midnight in July).

Restaurant home page (Open in a new window.)

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Enjoy the views and at least consider the reindeer soup if the restaurant is open.

Published :  21/07/2015 (d/m/y) 21:15

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