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Motorcycle ride details

Mt. Hamilton

San Jose-Mt. Hamilton-Mines Rd-Livermore.
A cache by : CalBimmer

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A nice yet twisty ride for Saturday or Sunday ride with friends. Even better if you can go here during the week as bicyclists and drivers may be of nuisance during weekends. The route is good for other bike types than sport bikes. the road is mostly too twisty and slow for them

First leg, from San Jose to Lick Observatory offers beautiful views over the South Bay. Surface conditions vary. Some sections are smooth as a ping pong-table, while others are in need of repaving. Road is narrow and has no rails and the 'ditch' may be 300ft deep. So drive carefully. During the weekend there may be a lot of traffic and unfortunately not everyone understand to yield for motorcycles. If it has been raining during previous couple of weeks, beware of sand on the road, particularly in inner curve as cars tend to cut corners. Observatory on the top of Mt. Hamilton has some basic amenities, not a restaurant though.

Next leg, from the top of the Mt. Hamilton to Patterson intersection offers slow switchbacks and fast switching road on the bottom of the valley. Again, watch for sand/gravel on higher elevations. I've found that gravel is spread to shadowy areas of the road because they stay frozen longer during the winter months.There was a biker bar in Patterson intersection, but I do not know what is the fate of it as of today (September '15).

Last leg, Mines Rd, offers fast and slow sections. Surface is mainly good, but the road is narrow, and there may be sand on the road. Locals may drive fast here with their trucks, so beware in blind corners. Downtown Livermore offers plenty of restaurants and even live music during weekends.

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Published :  06/09/2015 (d/m/y) 07:46

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