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Bowie Loop

Bowie loop.
A cache by : hogcowboy

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A scenic ride of approximately 100 +/- miles. Basically a loop from Bowie to Sunset to Forestburge to Saint Jo to Nocona to Montague and back to Bowie. A person can start in Bowie with breakfast or lunch and ride to each town in this loop, stopping for lunch or afternoon snack or even dinner half way in Nocona or complete the loop to Bowie. Take highway 81 from downtown Bowie to 101 south(left) to Sunset. This is also an exit to Walmart. In Sunset take a left (North) on 1749 and continue on to the junction of 455. Turn right on 455 to Forestburge. Take a left (North) on 677 to Saint Jo. Continue across 82 at the light to 2382 (same road just a light but the number changes). Take a left at the junction of 373. Strange little intersect out in no where. You will merge with 677 North and it will loop back west where 677 changes to 2953 and on to Nocona. Take a left (West/South) at 2634. 2634 will go by Lake Nocona if you want to turn off and ride around there. Take a left (South) at the junction of 103. Follow 103 to 82. Take a right on 82 and an immediate left (South) on 175 to Montague. 175 turns to 59 in Montague. Continue on to Bowie completing the Bowie Loop.

Mostly scenic country but has some traffic in the larger towns, Bowie and Nocona. (Open in a new window.)

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Published :  07/09/2015 (d/m/y) 00:46

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