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Motorcycle ride details

Angeles Crest Hwy from La Cañada to Clear Creek

Spectacular ride to the mountains
A cache by : pleksi

This has not yet been found

This is the western part of Angel Crest Highway. Angeles Crest is one of the best mountain roads in Southern California. It's a curvy road with great views.

Remember that a lot of bikers have crashed on this road. In addition to speeding cars and motorcycles there's also a possibility of gravel in some corners.

I made this cache as an example of a route cache. The route is quite short for three reasons even though the rest of the road is great too:
- it's short enough to make a quick find
- to give more options to plan a longer ride
- to leave space for other route caches (for this reason also the B-point is a bit west from the junction)

I hope that the rest of these great mountain roads will be introduced in other caches.

A road guide that has distance and time from I-210 for many spots along the road. (Open in a new window.)

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Ride safe and mention something about the road conditions.

Published :  07/09/2015 (d/m/y) 17:30

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