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Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

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A cache by : pleksi

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Address : 900 Glass Beach Dr, Fort Bragg, CA, United States     Google maps

Like many other water fronted communities, Fort Bragg established a dump site in the water. After sixty ears of dumping all sorts of trash and even vehicles in the water and on the beach the site was closed in 1967.

Over the next decades other materials disappeared but the glass remained. The waves tumbled the class into beautiful rounded pieces that covered the whole beach.

Unfortunately visitors have collected most of the glass but not all. There is also an other beach with more glass about a quarter mile south but this one is easier to access (comment in the log if this changes).

The remaining glass may be worth seeing or this can be just a piece of local history - that depends on you.

Glass Beach wiki page (Open in a new window.)

Condition for logging the find

Riding to the location is enough to log a find but if you go to the beach, tell us if there is still glass left (pictures are welcome too)

Published :  11/09/2015 (d/m/y) 02:45

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