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Piirsalu nuclear missile base

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Former Soviet missile base
A cache by : Yrmyli  (Translation : pleksi)

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Address : Unnamed Road, Lääne-Nigula Parish, Estonia     Google maps

Former Soviet missile base with 1 or 2.3 megaton medium-range R-12 nuclear missiles. This missile type was introduced in the late 1950s and also transported to Cuba in 1962. The missiles were approx. 22m long, weighing over 47 tons and a range of 2000 km.

The base was built in such a way that it included three security zones. First there was the zone for transportation and general activities. Inside the second fence were the missiles and in the third, a guarded zone were nuclear warheads. There was a total of four missiles and about 2,000 men. The missiles were removed from the base in the 1970s ETYK- agreement.

Unfortunately, there's no street address. Hope these instructions help: Ride Cross-Kuijõe road (road 151) to the Piirsalu Church. 250m north from the church, there's a dirt road that turns to the east. Follow the dirt road for about 2 km and then select the right-hand fork of the road. Ride to the end of the road.

Please report if the place has been completely demolished later, I hope not because the place is worth experiencing. The last kilometers are pretty weak forest road and off-road bike is recommended.

Map of the area

Translators note: I visited the place riding a street bike during a dry season and I had no problems.

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Please report if the last buildings have been demolished.

Published :  11/09/2015 (d/m/y) 08:59

Please note that it is possible that the information on this page is not accurate or not up to date. Rules or regulations that are not mentioned here may apply when visiting the place or the conditions on the location may have changed.

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