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AVRO LANCASTER NF920 "Easy Elsie" (Porjus, Sweden)

The British Lancaster bomber which chrashed in Sweden on 29th October 1944
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Address : Local road 819, Porjus, Sweden     Google maps

The "Easy Elsie" Lanchaster bomber was one of 37 Lancaster bombers on a mission to sink the German battleship Tirpitz in Norway in 1944. Only one Lancaster bomber did not return after the mission to RAF base in Lossiemouth, 617th squad. That was the Lancaster "Easy Elsie". She was hit by German anti aircraft guns when they where trying to drop bombs on the battleship Tirpitz.

Two engines on "Easy Elsie" were blown away and she took several hits in the fuselage, so she lost a lot of fuel, but managed to fly to Sweden where she crash-landed. The radio was hit under the attack of Tirpitz, so the crew was unable to communicate with other Lancaster bombers and the air base in Lossiemouth, Scotland.

The crew survived the crash on a swamp in Porjus. The pilot Daniel William Carey was the only who got injured. He injured his knee during the landing. The rest of the crew was unhurt. After interrigation by the Swedish Air Force they where sent to Stockholm and finally back to England.

How to find the crash site?
Ride along E45 (Strömgatan) about 1km southwards from Porjus centre. Turn to right towards Porjus Hydro Power Centre but do not turn to this centre, just continue straight ahead. Ride about 8km along the local road. Park your motorbike on a small parking area which is well sign-posted. The wreckage is almost 2km away from the parking area along a footpath so it's recommended to take off your riding gear and change to more casual outfit.

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