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Motorcycle ride details

Bombay Beach

Almost like a post-apocalyptic settlement
A cache by : pleksi

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Address : Avenue E, Bombay Beach / Niland, CA, United States     Google maps

If you like odd offbeat places then maybe this for you to visit during the winter.

Bombay Beach was originally meant for rich vacationers but it didn't go as planned. A series of tropical storms and floods destroyed the area and it never recovered. The high salinity of the Salton Sea also resulted in major fish die-offs.

According to wikipedia the population was 295 in 2010. It's one of the lowest elevation communities in U.S. at 223 feet below sea level.

You can find a lot of pictures of ruins on the web but unfortunately most of that is gone. Some parts of Bombay Beach area have been cleaned up but it's still an interesting visit for the adventurous rider who happens to be in the neighbourhood.

A few tips:
- it's about 20 miles to the nearest gas station in Niland
- be prepared for no cell service
- don't come on a hot day - besides begin hot, the smell of rotting fish can be terrible

The cache location is on the street that provides access to the "Sea" (otherwise there's nothing special about the exact location of the cache).

If you know other interesting places near Salton Sea, please mention it in the log... or better yet, make a new cache. For example there is (or at least used to be) a visitor center here.

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Published :  06/10/2015 (d/m/y) 04:25

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