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Puerto Nuevo

Lobster Capital of Baja

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Address : Carretera Transpeninsular, Puerto Nuevo, Mexico     Google maps

Puerto Nuevo is the self-described "Lobster Capital of Baja", where you can choose from dozens of restaurants serving fried lobsters with beans, rice and homemade flour tortillas. Mexican Lobster restaurants are internationally known for the Puerto Nuevo Style Lobster (traditionally pan-fried in lard).

Puerto Nuevo Baja was founded in 1956 with the opening of Puerto Nuevo II Restaurant, which is still one of the most popular restaurants in Puerto Nuevo. Villa Ortega (yelp reviews) is the largest of the restaurants. Wikitravel mentions that it offers the American dining experience for those who are nervous about eating in Mexico.

If you plan to eat, take some cash with you.

Map of the restaurants and some other info (Open in a new window.)

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Visiting is enough but if you know something that makes it easier to choose a restaurant here please let us know.

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