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A44 Aberystwyth to Llangurig

A44 takes you through some of Wales' most beautiful countryside
A cache by : jlik

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The A44 takes in some of Wales' most beautiful countryside. It starts fairly normally as you leave Aberystwyth. Further on you pass a charming butterfly house. But things really start getting interesting when you hit the DayGlo oversized Playstation-style chevrons of Cwmbrwyno that will you to follow the path of the road and not career out of control into the welcoming arms of Father Time.

As you continue, the A44 goes through stunning valleys. You'll find yourself rounding a bend and there in front of you is a view almost alpine like in its beauty, only for it to be matched by a wonderfully attractive fast sweeping turn. Around the next corner the road wiggles in the form of a tight set of chicanes. The later 3rd of this road is close to riding perfection. Smooth surfaces see quick sweeping corners clinging onto the terrain while busy chicanes send you into a trance-like state.

When you hit the roundabout at Llangurig, turn around and do it again

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As mentioned in the description turn around at Llangurig and do it again if you have time!

Published :  09/10/2015 (d/m/y) 08:38

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