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Llandovery Loop, part 2

A cache by : jlik

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Adventure or road bike, this little route will keep you on your toes. Plenty of winding twisting corners and a few long straights to open it up. This part of Carmarthenshire, South Wales is beautiful and feels really remote, especially the road between Llyn Brianne Reservoir and Tregaron.

The second section takes you from Tregaron back to Llandovery. There are some interesting places worth visiting in this part of the loop. The route passes Llyn Brianne Reservoir which was built in late 1960s and which powers a hydroelectric plant. Another interesting place to visit is Twm SiƓn Cati caves which is supposed to be Robin Hood's hideout place. The location of the cave is shown in the link. The route ends at West End Cafe in Llandovery which is a popular biker meeting place.

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Published :  11/10/2015 (d/m/y) 19:20

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