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A702 Dalveen Pass

A cache by : jlik

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This road, that forms the Dalveen Pass, is simply one of the best roads in the country. After the village of Elvanfoot, where the B7040 leaves to the right for Leadhills, the road leaves the Clyde and follows the Daer Water, then its tributary the Potrail Water, the hills pressing closer on each side until a saddle is reached. This marks the Dumfriesshire boundary, from which we follow the Carron Water into the narrow Dalveen Pass then through high hills which have the appearance of the North West Highlands. The A702 then gradually loses height for several miles, passing through various small settlements, until the village of Carronbridge is reached,

The A702 consists of endless wide sweeping corners, full of camber, visibility and a decent enough surface. Despite the lack of hairpins, the decent is almost alpine, and is certainly nice and quick. The Dalveen pass is an absolutely awesome road.

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Published :  16/10/2015 (d/m/y) 02:29

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