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B740 Sanquhar to Crawfordjohn

A cache by : jlik

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Fourteen miles doesn’t seem like a long way, but this road seemed to go on and on and on. This road is absolutely brilliant, fast and sweeping: wicked corners.

The B740 heads upstream along the valley of this stream and then the road continues up the valley, which is winding but not particularly narrow. Apart from a few scattered houses there are no settlements on this section of the road. As the road continues the terrain becomes bleaker and the valley narrower. The stream, still fairly wide, is now easily visible from the road. Eventually a tributary, the Spango Water, is crossed. The valley now begins to peter out and the road enters open moorland. The road contours around the edge of a hill before reaching the next valley, of the Duneaton Water. The stream is crossed early on and then the valley is followed downstream although the road appears to keep out of the valley bottom. After skirting Mountherick Hill the road enters the village of Crawfordjohn. It climbs through the village and turns away from the river valley. It goes over the top of a hill, actually reaching a higher altitude than in the pass earlier, before descending to cross the Black Burn.

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Published :  16/10/2015 (d/m/y) 02:31

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