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A711 Maxwelltown to Kirkcudbright, Part 1

A cache by : jlik

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This is the first part of the A711 Maxwelltown to Kirkcudbright route. It leaves the town on Dalbeattie Road which is lined with solid sandstone houses and proceeds southwest. After about half a mile, the houses end and fields appear on both sides. On the long straight beside Goldilea House you can make out the impressive viaduct which carried the Dumfries-Stranraer railway line.

The road then makes a tight left bend and proceeds up a steep hill known locally as the "The Long Wood" with the railway embankment running tightly beside it. On reaching the top the vista opens into a wide flat plain with a ring of hills in the distance and a large amount of plantation forestry clothing the area. Seven miles after leaving Maxwelltown we reach Beeswing which is a long linear village. After the village recent improvements have left the road wide and open with long straights interspersed with brief corners that look far worse then they are. After nine miles we cross Toll Bar Bridge which was subject to a strange reconstruction that left one half of the bridge in original granite and the other in modern concrete. The road is fairly featureless here. A realignment to the west of Kirkgunzeon isolates an old hump-backed bridge which still sits forlornly beside the road.The improved section continues which has created a number of large lay-bys which are popular with local lorries.

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Published :  16/10/2015 (d/m/y) 08:20

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