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A755 Barharrow to Kirkcudbright

A cache by : jlik

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The road begins at a T junction with the A711 just north of Kirkcudbright town centre. Kirkcudbright, the county town of Kirkcudbrightshire, is probably the most attractive of the Galloway towns. It is brightly painted and stuffed full of attractive Georgian buildings and has a ruined manor house as well. The countryside around it is also very attractive. Soon after Kirkcudbright, the road rises steeply out of the Dee Valley. The first section of the road is wide and well engineered with impressive cuttings and embankments. However all too soon the road narrows and winds as we reach the countryside of Borgue. The road continues fairly unadventurously over the undulated countryside until we reach the junction at Glenterry. We sweep round a steep bend providing access to some nice swimming beaches down at Carrick before finally heading towards Gatehouse. We end our journey at a staggered T junction with the A75 with the road to Gatehouse (the B727).

The A755 is not particularly long, but it's a good road. It has a good surface and is wide, which makes for smooth fast progress.

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Published :  16/10/2015 (d/m/y) 21:02

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