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A745 Dalbeattie to Castle Douglas

A cache by : jlik

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The road starts to the west of Dalbeattie on the far side of the Urr Water. The A745 runs steeply alongside the closed Craignair quarry through a thickly wooded hillside, although in winter you get excellent views of Dalbeattie. At the top of the hill the road makes a hairpin bend. This is the site of many accidents where people fail to judge the tightness and end up damaging the very necessary crash barriers. The bend has been opened up in recent years by removing some of the hillside. The road for the next couple of miles is very windy with few overtaking positions - the road also rises and drops through a number of nearly blind bends.

About 2.5 miles from Dalbeattie the road meets the B727 (direct route to Kirkcudbright) and begins a new alignment. After all the twists it is a shock to end up looking down a gentle hill and seeing a one-mile straight ahead. Large laybys show the previous winding route. The road is now characterised by long, wide, open bends and decent straights between them. This part of the road is fairly featureless except for pylons which litter the area. After crossing a small concrete bridge on a wide open we see the former railway emerge from the right hand side as a small cutting and old bridge. However, the new alignment has been built on the old railway route so we get a flat, wide, open road. We leave the railway alignment about 0.5 miles from Castle Douglas on a wide bend. We then enter the town of Castle Douglas.

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Published :  17/10/2015 (d/m/y) 07:41

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