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Motorcycle ride details

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Palm Springs Air Museum

Flyable WW II aircraft

A cache by : pleksi

This has not yet been found

Address : 745 North Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs, CA, United States     Google maps

The Palm Springs Air Museum has one of the world’s largest collections of flyable WW II aircraft. With some luck you can see one of them flying and with a thick wallet you can ride in one :-)

To log a find you don't need to visit the museum.

To find the answer to the control question, you must take a closer look at the F-16 Fighting Falcon that is in the picture. After turning to the museum from North Gene Autry Trail, turn left and ride to the end of the drive-way (hangars on your right) and you'll see the F-16 (there's a parking lot too so you can park close to the plane). The cache map marker shows the exact location of the plane.

The F-16 is here on loan. If it's removed, please add a maintenance request to the log and I'll remove the question. Motocaching rules allow guessing - you'll still be able to log your find.

ps. The hangars have air-conditioning.

Opening hours and admission (Museum web site) (Open in a new window.)

You must answer this question to log your find :

The serial number of the aircraft is painted on the tail. It's a six digit number that starts with 1632. What are the two last digits?

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Published :  22/10/2015 (d/m/y) 16:03

Please note that it is possible that the information on this page is not accurate or not up to date. Rules or regulations that are not mentioned here may apply when visiting the place or the conditions on the location may have changed.

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