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The Three Sisters - Ranch Roads 335, 336,337, Part 2

One of the main motorcycle attractions in Texas
A cache by : jlik

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This is the second part of the The Three Sisters route. It continues onto 41, make a left turn here and ride it up a bit for 14 fairly straight miles before turning south on the third and final Sister, 335. Take a left (east) and get on RR335 and drive south down to Camp Wood where you can take a left on to RR337. RR335 has great twisties and nice scenery. A good ride no matter how you cut it. Be careful of wildlife and a large amount of rocks that seem to accumulate on the road. Finish out the loop when you hit Leakey again. Have fun!

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The Three Sisters route is divided into two parts and you can ride them in any order and there is no need to ride both of them in one go. Enjoy your ride!

Published :  25/10/2015 (d/m/y) 17:30

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