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Little Switzerland - Asheville

Blue Ridge Parkway part 14
A cache by : gozamite

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Blue Ridge Parkway is certainly THE road for motorcycle riders! It's 469 miles long and here it's been devided it in few parts so that you don't have to ride it all in one day!
Some say this is the most favourite ride in US. It definately has a great potential to be that!
Curves are mainly nice, soft and mellow but some corners are surprisingly tight. The road is also quite narrow. Blue ridge Parkway is closed in the wintertime.
This is part 7 from Little Switzerland to Asheville, maybe the best part in the road! Route has a lot of tight corners in national park areas and extremely nice scenery with beautiful nature around you.

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Published :  27/10/2015 (d/m/y) 20:05

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