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Round Hastings Loop, Part 1

A cache by : jlik

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In the populous Southeast there is always traffic with frequent speed limits, but there are still some great rides to be found.

The first part of the Around Hastings loop takes you from Hastings to Swiftsden. Take the road B2092 at the northern edge of Hastings towards Bexhill. We head southwest along Queensway and continuing along the western edge of the urban area. There are a handful of residential roads leading off but no buildings actually lining the B2092. After two miles turn right onto a lane towards Crowhurst and continue back to the A2100.

Turn left onto the A2100 and shortly left again onto the B2095 to Catsfield. At Catsfield turn right onto the B2204 towards Battle. The B2204 winds its way through the wood, before terminating West of Battle at a T-junction on the A271. Turn right onto it and quickly left onto the B2096 towards Netherfield. The B2096 heads north to Netherfield where it turns to head west. Just beyond Netherfield turn right onto a lane towards Burwash. There cross the A265 and follow the lane through Stonegate finally raching Shover's Green. At the T-junction turn right onto the B2099 towards Ticehurst. The road continues eastwards into Ticehurst then continues on for another couple of miles to end at a T-junction on the A21 a short distance north of Hurst Green. The first part of the loop ends here.

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Published :  27/10/2015 (d/m/y) 18:36

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