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A82 Dumbarton Fort William, Part 2

A cache by : jlik

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Once you have passed Tyndrum the road opens up nicely and the vastness gives an overwhelming sense of freedom. As you approach Altnafeadh you find yourself flying over a jagged landscape that's almost lunar in its appearance. This continues for quite a few miles during which the road doesn't ask too much from the rider.

As you continue the mountains slowly envelope you and the long, largely straight road now has to negotiate its way through the phenomenal mountain terrain. Corners start to become more frequent, tighter and occasionally cling to the edge of what ever it can. The road wakes up nicely but enjoy it while you can because sooner than you'd like the kinks iron themselves out again. As you ride on, the mountain activity seems to subside and soon enough water dominates the route again and soon you'll arrive at Fort William.

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Published :  04/11/2015 (d/m/y) 11:56

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