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B7009-B709 Selkirk to Langholm, Part 2

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The second part of the route starts at Ettrick.

The B709 continues downstream along the relatively wide valley of the Ettrick Water as far as the hamlet of Ettrick itself. Here the road bends to the left to cross the river and then climb along the valley of a tributary into the woods. The stream is followed closely. Eventually the road reaches a summit and the edge of the wood, with excellent scenery ahead. A valley is visible slightly to the right but the road prefers to stay higher up, contouring halfway up the valley side.

The road zigzags and eventually heads due south, continuing downstream across terrain it is difficult to find new ways to describe. A stream is crossed. A mile or so further on the road reaches Eskdalemuir. The B723 comes in from the right by the church, after which the B709 bends sharply left to cross the River White Esk. The valley is followed downstream for another couple of miles before the road bears to the left and climbs up into the hills and woods once more.

By the time the river is met again it is simply called the Esk. This is soon crossed at a narrow arched bridge. The river is followed for a few more miles downstream, detouring once or twice along straighter - but hillier - routes to avoid meanders. Eventually, after travelling for the best part of 40 miles, the road reaches Langholm.

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Published :  05/11/2015 (d/m/y) 11:20

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