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B741 New Cumnock to Girvan, Part 2

A cache by : jlik

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This is the second part of the B741 New Cumnock to Girvan route starting at Gass. It crosses the moor, widening again in the process, before skirting the edge of a forest and descending to Straiton where there is a T-junction. The road runs west through the village and then the B7045 continues ahead.

Now in far flatter terrain, the B741 continues west. It crosses the Water of Girvan almost immediately before continuing along a ridge to reach a triangular junction on the B7023 a few miles later. Shortly afterwards, Ruglen is reached. The B741 continues ahead to cross the river and go through Dailly. The road bends to the right to cross the river once more before heading north to rejoin its original route at a T-junction. The road continues westwards along the railway line for a few more miles, most of which is wooded, crossing the line a few times. After skirting an industrial estate the road ends at a T-junction on the A77 just to the north of Girvan.

This thirty mile stretch across the south Ayrshire countryside is a good stretch. It’s nice and quiet and has some excellent sections with good flowing corners.

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Published :  05/11/2015 (d/m/y) 18:08

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