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Old fishing village island -nowadays more like tourist centrum

A cache by : gozamite

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Address : Fiskhamnsgatan 30, Smögen, Sweden     Google maps

In the historybooks Smögen is mentoned first time in the end of 16th century. Originally it is actually many small islands, but the space in between islands has since been filled so now it is considered as one.
Smögen has 600 meters long wooden pier (Smögenbryggan) filled with shops in old fishing huts. It also has big areas of rock shores by the ocean where people are spending time on a warm summer days. The surface of the rock is very smooth so it's very comfortable to sit or lie down!
Smögen has very special "own atmosphere" completely different than in mainland so it is recommended to stay few nights here so that you can feel it too!
Tha point of cache is in the place for parking, and the pier starts from the same place.

Smögen, Wikipedia (Open in a new window.)

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Published :  08/11/2015 (d/m/y) 18:50

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