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Panga cliff (Panga Pank)

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A cache by : Yrmyli  (Translation : Ironlake)

Found 8 times (last time was 02/06/2019 (d/m/y) )

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Address : Pahapilli-Panga, Mustjala, Estonia     Google maps

On highest point cliff is 21,3 meters high and width is 2,5 kilometers. The cliff is limestone and goes up straight from a sea. About 200 meters from a shore is a basin. If there is a windy weather, you can see a arch of whitecaps.

Panga cliff is highest of all cliffs on northside of Saarenmaa and Muhu. All cliffs in Saarenmaa are from limestone. Highest point of the Panga is ancient sacrificial altar for the sea.

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Published :  11/11/2015 (d/m/y) 19:37

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