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Dounreay Nuclear Power Plant

The world's first reactor to provide power for public use
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Address : Dounreay, Thurso, Highland, United Kingdom     Google maps

The nuclear power establishment was built on the site of a World War II airfield, called RAF Station Dounreay. The Dounreay site was opened in 1955 to develop fast reactors. Three reactors were built on the site, the Dounreay Fast Reactor (DFR), Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) and the Dounreay Materials Test Reactor (DMTR). The establishment remained a major element in the economy of Thurso and Caithness until 1994 when the government ordered the reactors closed for good. The clean-up of the site is scheduled to continue until at least 2025.

It is expected that Scotland national heritage strategy will leave in place a legacy for future generations to interpret Dounreay’s significance in the industrial history of the last century.

Ride to the main gate and you will see the reactor shown in the cache photo.

The wartime control tower was retained to became the Dounreay Visitor and Exhibition Centre. It was damaged by a storm in 2006 and early in 2007 the site took a decision to close down the visitor centre. The story of Dounreay nuclear power station is explained in an exhibition within the Caithness Horizons visitor centre (http://www.caithnesshorizons.co.uk/).

Home page of Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (Open in a new window.)

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