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The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

The award winning Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford

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Address : Lysander Avenue, Shropshire, United Kingdom     Google maps

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The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, located in Cosford in Shropshire, is a museum dedicated to the history of aviation and the Royal Air Force in particular. The museum is part of the Royal Air Force Museum, a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and a registered charity. The museum is spread over two sites in England; the other site is at the Royal Air Force Museum London at Colindale (near Hendon) in north London.

70 historic aircraft are displayed in three wartime hangars and within the National Cold War Exhibition. This landmark building contains 18 aircraft, military transport, missiles, memorabilia, interactive kiosks and hotspots of information.

Admission is free but parking charges are applicable for visitors arriving on motorbikes. If there is more than one motorbike per bay, you need to purchase one ticket only.

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Visit the museum and enjoy award-winning tourist attraction in the West Midlands area!

Published :  15/11/2015 (d/m/y) 18:03

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