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Land's End Loop, part 2

A cache by : jlik

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This part takes you from Penzance to St. Ives along road B3311. There are further sharp bends in village Gulval and the road is rather narrow in this section. The rise and the bends continue as the village is left behind. A rather good view of Mounts Bay and St Michael's Mount appears on the right. The road continues its rural theme, but this time surrounded by the rough moorland of Penwith rather than the earlier farmland. A steep hill down (at 16%) is then advertised and it's down into the village of Nancledra. A short time later the village of Cripplesease is reached which is fairly small but it does have a pub. Finally, the B3311 road terminates at a T-junction with the B3306.

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Published :  03/12/2015 (d/m/y) 22:37

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