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Lennusadam - Seaplane Harbour

Maritime exhibition with ships and the Lembit submarine.

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Address : Vesilennuki tee 6, Tallinn, Estonia     Google maps

Lennusadam is an interesting place to visit even if you don't go into the museum. Parking is free and you can walk around in the area and admire the ships in the harbour.

However, visiting the museum is recommended - especially if submarines are your thing. If you don't have much time, it might be a good idea to at least visit the submarine in the hangar and perhaps the steam powered icebreaker at the quay of the Seaplane Harbour.

The Lembit submarine was built in 1937. Before it was brought to the museum it had served continuously for 75 years (world record).

Also the Suur Tõll icebreaker has a long history. It was built in 1914 and it has flown the flags of Imperial Russia, Finland, the Soviet Union and the Republic of Estonia under the names Tsar Mikhail Fyodorovich, Volynets, Wäinämöinen and Suur Tõll.

(Picture: Lembit torpedo tubes)

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