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Ludlow North Loop, Part 4

A cache by : jlik

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This is the fourth part of Ludlow North Loop starting at Lydham. After that road turns off we bypass Bishop's Castle - the biggest place since Shrewsbury. After that, we again follow the contours into a hillier area, finding the path of least resistance through the hills to Clun.

At Clun continue onto the B4368 towards Purslow. There turn right onto the B4385. It soon crosses the River Clun and then goes round Clunbury Hill before reaching Hopton Heath, where it crosses the Heart of Wales Line. It then multiplexes south along the B4367 for a short distance. Continue along the B4367 towards Bucknell. At Bucknell turn left towards the A4113. Before going through Brampton Bryan the valley is very narrow. The A4113 then continues east downstream along the river valley. The road then reaches Leintwardine. The A4113 goes round a hairpin bend known as the Fiddler's Elbow and after that the road goes over the top of a hill.

At Bromfield turn right onto the A49 towards Ludlow and soon take the B4361 towards Ludlow centre where the loop ends.

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Published :  16/01/2016 (d/m/y) 18:47

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