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Fårö Lighthouse

Lighthouse on the easternmost tip of Fårö
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Address : 699, Fårö, Sweden     Google maps

Fårö Lighthouse is a Swedish lighthouse located on the easternmost tip of Fårö. Fårö was built during 1846-1847. In 1953 electricity was installed in the lighthouse, but the light source before that consisted of rapeseed oil lamps and after that kerosene lamps. The tower of the lighthouse is 24 meters high. The lighthouse is as of 1977 unmanned. It is still in use and is owned and operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration. Lighthouses beam can reach out of 16 nautical miles. The lighthouse itself is not open for public, but the scenery at the place is great.

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Published :  04/09/2016 (d/m/y) 18:14

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