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Foldvik Brygger (Foldvik Wharfs), Fv 825

Great coastal road also for faster driving and an interesting historic place to visit
A cache by : SportsTourerHki

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Address : Fv 825, Foldvik, Norway     Google maps

Fv 816 is partly very suitable for fast driving along the fjord coast, there are no other roads crossing the route and the road surface is mostly in very good condition. Along the east coast side there is an old wooden Foldvik Brygger (Foldvik Wharf), that is nowadays used for different kind of local feasts and events. According to Norwegian Arkitekturguide (http://arkitekturguide.uit.no/) there has been several separate wharfs, each with their own drying rack for fishing nets. Nowadays these structures are rarely seen along the coasts of Northern Norway. In the 1950s, it was legal for a short period to use fishing nets during the fishing season in the Lofoten Islands. The majority of the drying racks that are still standing today were built during this period. When standing on this exceptional wharf you can easily feel the history this old building has seen.

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Just visit the wharf and feel the maritime history for this place.

Published :  11/10/2016 (d/m/y) 18:37

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