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Fazer Visitor center

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New Visitor center is a nice place to visit

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Address : Fazerintie 6, Vantaa, Finland     Google maps

Fazer is a Finnish company (founded in 1891) that employs more than ten thousand people in Scandinavia, Baltic countries, UK and Russia.
For Finns it's well known for chocolate, candies, cakes, bread as well as caf├ęs and restaurants.
Fazer Visitor center is the Steel structure of the year 2016 of Finland. It was opened in the autumn 2016. Fazer company has been providing visitor activities for over 60 years in the factory in Vantaa. They host roughly 50,000 visitors every year. The new centre will allow them to provide us more memorable and educational visiting experience than before. In the center there is also a shop and a cafeteria and there's no entrance fee to these areas.
The visiting centre is open Mon-Fri 9-18 Sat 10-18 Sun 12-18.

Fazer visitor centre (Open in a new window.)

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Published :  09/11/2016 (d/m/y) 19:48

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