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Old test and race track
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Address : Um die Rennbahn, Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany     Google maps

The Opel company started building cars in 1898. Originally they were tested on public roads but complaints about noise and damage to roads led Opel to build their own test track, the construction of which started in 1917. The track was completed in 1919 and officially opened on 24th of October, 1920. The oval layout was inspired by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was 1.5km long with 32 degree banked turns.

Beside testing Opel cars, the track was also used for races, markets and exhibitions during weekends.

The popularity of the track for races waned after Nürburing and Hockenheimring opened, and World War 2 stopped car production in favour of military equipment leading to further diminished use for the track. After the war it was briefly used by the US military for testing repaired vehicles, however after 1946 it was no longer used at all. In 1949 the rent agreement for the track ended and the track was officially closed. After closure, effort was made to return the track to nature by making holes in the surface and parts of the track were completely demolished. In 1987 the historical value of the track was recognized and further demolition was stopped.

http://www.frankfurt-rhein-main.de/en/Discover-Experience/Sightseeing-Attractions/Architecture-Technology/Opel-Racetrack (Open in a new window.)

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