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Bedzin Castle


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Address : Zamkowa 1, Będzin, Poland     Google maps

Będzin Castle is the part of the Trail of Eagle’s Nest – trail of 25 Middle Ages castles, situated between Kraków and Częstochowa. Będzin Castle, located on a high slope on the left bank of the Black River, is an example of defense construction from the mid 14th century. It was an important part of the defense system of the western border of Poland before the invasions from Silesia and the Czech Republic.

The castle fell into disrepair in the late 16th century. A fire in 1616 and damage during the "Deluge" (Swedish Invasion) in 1657 resulted in further destruction. The fortress was periodically repaired, but due to shifts in the borders, and its relationships with their neighbors, it lost much of it's importance. After the partitions of Poland, Bedzin fell into Prussian hands and the castle became the property of the Hohenzollern family. By 1825 the castle was virtually falling apart, and when a falling piece of stone crushed a passerby, it was ordered demolished. But before the work could begin it was declared a national monument and saved. In the 1830's it was bought by Count Edward Raczyrinski and partially rebuilt. A protestant church was housed inside its walls, but after the count's death it again fell into disrepair. The castle was not rebuilt again until 1952-56 when a museum was opened there.

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If you don't visit the castle, walk at least around the castle park.

Published :  17/11/2017 (d/m/y) 11:00

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