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Salaspils Memorial

Concentration camp memorial
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Address : Salaspils memoriāls, Salaspils lauku teritorija, Latvia     Google maps

This Memorial complex in remembrance of the Soviet victims of Nazism is situated about 20 km away from Riga. It is one of the largest and most monumental complex of its type in the whole of the Baltics.
It was opened on 31 October 1967. It takes up 25 hectares of land and has several groups of sculptures.The memorial creates a symbol of the border between life and death with a 100 metre-long concrete wall and seven concrete sculptures: Mother, The Unbroken,The Infamous, Protest, Red Front, Solidarity. The wall has a thematic exhibitions. There is also a phrase on the Gate's wall that says "Beyond this Gate the Ground is crying".
Around the central field with the sculptures are smaller memorials and some remains of foundations. There are also two cubes with inscription: "Here people were executed for the fact that they were innocent ... Here people were executed for the fact that each of them was a man and loved the Motherland".
Constantly heartbeat plays at the memorial.
The camp at Salaspils was set up in late 1941 and remained in operation until its liberation by the Soviets in late 1944.
Officially, Salaspils was a Police Prison and Work Education Camp to house 15,000 deported Jews and political prisoners. Approximately 12,000 persons went through the camp during its existence. From 2,000 to 3,000 people died here.The camp imprisoned Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian civilians and military personal, as well as transit prisoners, including small children from Latgale, Belarus and Russia.
Although the original camp buildings were destroyed after WWII, the Soviets converted Salaspils into a memorial park. The simplicity of these concrete forms invites imagination, thought and contemplation. Instead of telling you what happened, this place tries to make you feel it.

Photo by: Smig, Общественное достояние, https://ru.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=641146

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Published :  25/05/2018 (d/m/y) 22:15

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