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Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubrovitsy

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Unique Orthodox Church
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Address : Church of the Sign of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dubrovitsy, Dubrovitsy, Russia     Google maps

This Orthodox Church is located 36 km away from the center of Moscow in Dubrovitsy village. It is a central part of the architectural complex of the Dubrovitsy Manor. The church has unusual architecture for Russia. It was built in Baroque style and it became an unique sample of combination of Russian and Western European Church architecture. The construction of the church was began in 1690 and was finished in 1703.
It is believed that Boris Golitsyn, who was a tutor of the young tsar Peter the Great made an order to build this church. Some foreign architects were invited from different countries to participate in the construction. The limestone for building was taken from the local quarries.

The church is 42 meters high. It is decorated from the outside with unusual beauty of carving and ornamental elements, as well as various statues of Saints and angels. It doesn't have a traditional onion-shaped dome. It is crowned with a huge golden Crown with a cross.
It is beautiful from the inside also. There you can see different kinds of angels, Saints, and scenes from the Bible.
There is also a nice park around of this church.
The church is usually open for free visits from 9:00 to 17:00.

Photo by VLerik82 - собственная работа, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28258117

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Published :  27/05/2018 (d/m/y) 23:38

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