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Wechsel Pass

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The Wechsel Pass is 980 m above sea level. The highest point is near village Mönichkirchen and the pass connects Aspang Markt in the North with Pinggau in the South at the foot of the eponymous mountain Wechsel.

The pass is crossed by road B 54, which was until the expansion of the A 2 motorway in the 1980s, the most important motor traffic connection between Vienna and Graz. Road B54 is now also known as a scenic road, which points to the beautiful viewpoints along the road.

At Mönichkirchen there is a viewpoint on the west side, where you can take a look back to the Bucklige Welt. Furthermore, next to the Cafe Kernstock there is a miniature world, where important buildings of Austrian history can be seen in a small format.

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Published :  04/12/2018 (d/m/y) 14:39

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