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Database description : Motocaching.net user data

Description required by the law about personal data in Finland   (Henkilötietolaki 22.4.1999 / 523 10§)

1. Maintenance by

Felisys Oy
Ruutikatu 8 B 46
02650 Espoo

2. The purpose of the database

Main usage is for authenticating motocaching net users and storing user settings (e.g. default coordinates for centering a map, language selections, time and date format). The data is also used for contacting purposes if required when monitoring that the site is used according to the terms and conditions. The service can also send email messages if the user selects so.

The user may add information to his/her public profile to show it to other users.

3. Information in the database

  • Public profile information (shown only if the user chooses so - not shown to others by default): Where do you live -text, Info text, Sex
  • Email notification and newsletter options
  • Viewing preferences: Languages, date and time format, timezone, clock type
  • Coordinates to center the map
  • Email address
  • Nickname
  • Password (encrypted)
  • Forename and surname
  • City
  • Country
  • Last visit time
  • Information about authority to review caches and translations

4. Confidentiality

The information will not be given out except in cases where it is required by law.
The data may become transferred to another country and also outside EU-area if the service provider of the motocaching,net chooses to use cloud service as platform for the site. This is due to the nature of web site providing and may be unavoidable. The service provider will be (elected from) reputable companies whom have selected to respect the agreements for safe harbour principles regarding data protection and to countries where data protection is on adequate level. However, transferring the database outside EU should not have any consequences to the user as the data processing done will be necessary for the service and database contains no sensitive data.

5. Security

The database is located on a secured server. Backups are stored on another secured computer. The database is protected by firewalls, user IDs and passwords.

The data is in electronic form and the user database is never printed on paper.

6. Rights to check the information and require corrections

The information can be viewed and changed on user's profile page (except the last visit time). Information about authority to review is shown on the Review page in the service.

Inquiries and correction requests must be sent in writing to the address above. User nickname and email address must be mentioned.