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Coffee shops and restaurants

Cache type: Location

Coffee shops and restaurants are location caches but there are some things to consider when making a cache about a coffee shop or a restaurant.

What kind of coffee shops?

Generally speaking, it can be a good topic for a cache if it's a place where bikers like to go or if you think that it's a special place for taking a break.

This document uses the term coffee shop, but it can be any kind of place where you get something to drink or eat. It can be a roadhouse, restaurant, bar, kiosk, diner etc.

It's probably a good candidate for a cache if it meets one or some of the following criteria:

  • A lot of bikers visit the place
  • It's somehow personal
  • A nice curvy road leads to the place
  • There's something special to see (attraction, view...)
  • It's a good alternative for the rest stops of the big companies

Please avoid these:

  • Coffee shops, restaurants and rest stops owned by big companies or chains (forbidden in the rules and can be found on other websites)
  • Places in a crowded center of a city
  • Places where it's hard to find parking

Name and short description

Please give the cache a name and/or short description that tells that it's a coffee shop.

For example like this:
- Name: 'Coffee Shop Waterfall' (instead of just 'Waterfall')
- Short description: Serves good food and has a beautiful indoor waterfall.

People will see in the main map pop-up that it's a coffee shop and not a real waterfall with a nearby coffee shop.


Please tell something that help others to decide if they want to go to the place.

One thing that is often good to know: Does it take long to get something to eat?

Consider including also some of these if appropriate:

  • Is there something that the place is known for (e.g. good burgers, fresh donuts, special coffee...)?
  • Why do you like the place?
  • Nice terrace?
  • Good customer service?
  • Price level or biker discounts?

Link to more information

Many coffee shops and restaurants have their own web pages. Do everyone a favor and add a link.

Opening hours

The owners take care that the opening hours are up to date on their web pages. Please, don't include the opening hours in the cache description. Add a link to opening hours instead.

However, if there is something special (or surprising) about the opening hours, it's good to mention about it. For example: "Open only during the summer".

Condition for logging a find

Please remember that finding a cache may not require paying for a service or a product.

If you, for example want comments about food, you can write something like this: "If you eat something, tell us what you had and if you liked it."

It's not OK to write for example "Have a cup of coffee" (unless it's free).

If you include a control question, be careful not to ask about something that changes often (e.g. menu, prices, opening hours...).