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motocaching.net - Reasons to Ride

Free The purpose of motocaching.net is to answer this question : Where to ride now?

The roads and interesting places are called caches but we don't actually hide any objects. The ride itself and the destination are the cache.

You can just pick one cache and go for a ride or you can choose multiple to create your own adventure.

Here everything is about riding. We focus on really riding to these places - a big difference compared to several other motorcycle websites.

We know that it can take you quite long to ride to some destination and we want to make sure that you won't be disappointed because of misleading or out of date information.

Because anyone can add caches on the site, there are a lot of features to ensure high quality. We also understand how important it is that you can easily plan your ride and find the correct road or location.

You can add a 'Found it!' log entry when you have visited a new place. Track the ones you have found, share your experience, warn about road hazards or just thank the cache author. 'The latest log entries' page is almost as popular as the cache maps. Many users check daily what's going on and where others have been riding.

Maybe you also want to see your nickname on the list of the top riders and have a bit of a competition with your friends.

By the way, I (the developer of this site) am also a motorcyclist. So far I have ridden to over 500 motocaches. I have learned a lot about the country that I live in and also about what's needed in motocaching. I'll keep on riding and developing.

Ride safe,

nickname pleksi

Ps. To get this going in your area
  • if there are already some caches near you, go riding and add a 'Found it!' log
  • add some short routes or places that you find interesting
  • ask your friends to do the same
  • inform others in your area (forums, facebook groups...)
It will grow amazingly fast after it just gets started.
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Check out the mainmap and zoom in to the area that you are interested in. Register to get all features - it's completely free.